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Utility app that works with STRAVA®

simple activity uploading

Connect with STRAVA®

Connect your Garmin or compatible device to your STRAVA® website profile.
Registering with STRAVA® is as easy as it can be, right from the ‘Connect with STRAVA’ menu option.


The Stravup window

After you’ve made the connection with STRAVA®:

  • Have your Garmin® or compatible device connected to your computer and it is showing in the Finder.
  • Select which folder on your device has the activity files, for Stravup to monitor.
  • Decide if you want to Edit the activities before upload OR if you want to Auto upload in the background.
  • Stravup can navigate to STRAVA® after the auto upload is completed.
  • Decide if you want Stravup to automatically start whenever you login to your computer.
  • Automatically backup your activities.

Edit New Activities window

  • Showing a list of all new activities.
  • Add your own name or let STRAVA® create the default.
  • Shows current athlete’s default activity type.
  • Ability to change the activity type.
  • Upload indicator and confirmation.
  • Click “show” to navigate to the activity on STRAVA®.

Stravup will check for new activities as soon as you re-connect your device then will upload them for you.

NOTE: Stravup compares to the 200 most recent online STRAVA® activities. It is a good things to keep your device clean by manually removing files after every few uploads.

Created for Garmin® devices, but any device that generates STRAVA® compatible files (FIT, GPX or TCX format) and that mounts as a Volumes on your computer should work.

Made possible with the help from the STRAVA API v3.

* STRAVA is a registered trademark and this app it not affiliated with STRAVA Inc.

* Garmin is a registered trademark and this app it not affiliated with Garmin Ltd.